about ikkyu



Ikkyu is Guest House located near Okumotorigoe, Kokumotorigoe, and Kumanohongu Shrine.

Guest House Ikkyu is located midway of Kumano Kodo between Hongu shrine and Natsi Shrine. Our Guesthouse could offer good location service for guest who want to walk through Kokumotorigoe to Okumotorigoe trail. That is so recommended trail for first career of komano Kodo.

There is big river -world heritage Kumano river-in front of guest house. You could see great starry sky. It is possible to experience 100 percent energy self-sufficiency life with solar energy and firewood here. You could also enjoy communication with traveler and local people at our Bar.


room & fee

That rooms are divided by bran, and customer could get almost private room.Our Guesthouse offer two room.

If customer member are 4 or more people, two room become automatically reserved and private one.

One person Two or more people
One night 5000 3000/per person add




Attention 1 – toilet


For environmentally conscious, Guesthouse set compost toilet as excretion system, not flush toilet.

Compost toilet is type of dry toilet, use little or no water. Human excreta is decomposed by microorganism. Human excretion is systematically separated. Excrement is immediately mixed with mulch and microbial material -FUJI-3-, smell is almost suppressed. Furthermore, there are stirring handle to accelerate decomposition smoothly on toilet seat. Decomposition product become fertilizer and back to field in 1 or 2month.

We try to keep toilet clean up, but if guest can not stand this style of toilet we are sorry not to recommend to stay our guesthouse.

Honestly, we want guest know how comfort is it to use compost toilet.

Attention 2 – bath and washroom


Bath and washroom are under construction at present and that would be completed on June 2017.

During under construction we offer free Pickup service to hot spring, about washroom guest can use sink in kitchen or outside one.

We are so sorry for guest inconvenience.

Attention 3 – For guest want to go hot spring


 Until completion of construction, we offer free pickup service to hot spring and present bathe ticket.

 Pickup bus would depart guesthouse at 17:00. please check in before that time.

Hot spring we take to 熊野川温泉さつきor other



contact 080-1297 0758

5minitus by foot from most near bus station “miyai ohasi”

There are parking space. Welcome to visiting by car

time table of kumano kotsu bus

shingu station
miyai oohashi
8:40 9:22
10:47 11:24
11:15 11:57
12:15 12:57
14:25 13:49
15:55 15:07
16:15 16:37
17:10 17:52
18:10  18:52

Pick up service

Pick up service

If you want to use Pick up service, please let us know by message at reservation.

Pick up point and time is shown below.


1, Koguchi Bus Stop(@16:05)

 →convenient after walking Okumotorigoe.


2. Kaminagai Shu-kaisyo(@16:00)

 →convenient after walking Kogumotorigoe 

3.Kumano Hongu Taisha(@16:40)


Please make reservation on Air bnb

Reservation is only possible through Air bnb system to prevent double booking.

You need Air bnb registration to complete booking, please note that.

In addition, two room separately accept reservation on different pages. If one page is full, please try to other one.




Our guesthouse adjoin Bar inside of that building.

Bar space is not only offering drinks but also available as rental cafe. Thus, people who want to offer service freely use this space. You can enjoy different meal by different chef by day. This is one of uniqueness of our guesthouse.

The day without any chef, Ikkyu staff offer meals and drink, so don’t worry about dinner. Please let me know you need food or not.

Of cause, it is possible to eat outside restaurant. But there is no restaurant near the Guesthouse. You can bring your own food, but please eat food bringing in at your room when BAR is open.