welcome to ikkyu

Ikkyu is an inn located in the mountain back of Kumano,
where the old houses were renovated.
At the "reclaimed land · Kumano" where the gods live,
we propose a new lifestyle, It is a little unusual inn.




Hello. It is the guest house ikkyu owner Yusuke. This inn is a guest house limited to one pair per day, renovated old buildings for 80 years. We feel charm in the nature of Kumano, and we have immigrated in 2015.
There are neither convenience stores nor supermarkets nearby, only mountains and rivers can see around. It is an inn that you can enjoy the nature of Kumano slowly. It is convenient for sightseeing because it is close to the "Koguchi", the relay point of Kumano Kodo "Ookumotori-goe / Kogumotori-goe" and Kumano Hongu Taisha shrine. Also, I can pick up you if you are within 1 hour by car.



ikkyu's concept 

I put one thought in this guesthouse. Let's make a living for one Earth. Our lives in modern times are abundant and convenient, but on the other hand, they create a lot of environmental destruction and a gap between rich and poor. Especially concerning the global environment, it is said that 2.5 globe is necessary as it is. In other words, we are living by exploiting richness from future generations. Who will pay for our 'wealth'? In order to leave a current global environment in the future, we must live on "one earth". I want to pursue this way and send out that way. And I want advice from the  guests who come to stay from all over the world. Why do not you consider staying at this place and thinking about the future as to what kind of life should Japan shift in the future?




Efforts of ikkyu's "Living for one Earth".

Of course, it is not perfect to introduce here, and it is not enough to make the impact on the global environment zero. However, I think that I would be able to become some kind of hint and challenge, and I'm introducing the following initiatives. When you come to stay at ikkyu, I think that you actually see and use it and feel something.





towel ×
pajamas ×

Washing machine


Clothes dryer

shower & bath
hair dryer
TV ×

Air conditioner

Free wifi
Free parking



YOU CAN ENJOY DINNER AT THE BAR or cooking by yourself.

Ikkyu is equipped with BAR. Light snacks and dishes, and dinners such as curry or pizza are available if you want. There is a vegetarian-oriented dish. Beer in the vicinity of Kumano, a lot of local sake prepared.

※ you can also cook by yourself. you can use our kitchen, seasoning, dishes and glasses. you can buy foodstuffs at the supermarket ( I will bring you ).




The guest house ikkyu is an old private house guesthouse limited to one pair per day. Maximum of 8 people available.

stay basic charge 1night with breakfast
adult ¥5,000 ¥6,000
child(6〜15years old) ¥3,000 ¥4,000
under 6 ¥0 ¥500



option additional fee

Experience of pizza making on earth oven  

off-grid workshop ¥10,000
Kodo support service ¥2,000/person

Unexplored Waterfall tour


Kumano Sanzan Tour

Kumanokodo "Daimonzaka"~Nachi Shrine Tour ¥6,000



We are preparing for walking support service for those who want to walk Kumano Kodo. Pick up to the entrance of Kumano Kodo near the guesthouse, pick up at the exit, We have lunch boxes, water bottles, towel lending etc. necessary for walking on the old road. 






Miyai437, Kumano-gawa cho, Shingu City, Wakayama prefecture 647-1235

Pick up point

It is hard to walk to my guesthouse.
And the 
number of buses is so small around here.
So, I will pick up you if you need.



about check out

Basically, we do not offer pick-up service the next morning.
We are requesting to move from the neighboring bus stop by using the bus.
The bus stop "Miyai Ohashi" can be reached on foot in 10 minutes on foot.

You can go anywhere, such as Shingu station, Kumano Hongu shrine, Koguchi, by taking a bus.
If you wish to transfer to the entrance of Kumano Kodo, please apply for the "Kodo Service" option






please reserve by air bnb. Click here.

Japanese old house for one group, Guesthouse ikkyu

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As this guesthouse is limited for one group, so you can enjoy like your home. It is a bit far from the main tourist spot here, but I can pick up you, and in the next morning, I can take you to your...


We hope to meet you!

We can support your trip to Kumano.
Because the guest is only you.
I can also provide services not mentioned here.
it will be nice stay.